Perish With Pride Melodic Death Metal Luxembourg

Perish With Pride

perish with pride

Style : Melodic Death Metal

Origine : Luxembourg

Influences : At the Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Hatesphere, Iron Maiden

Description : 

The story of Perish With Pride begins in the end of 2009, with Gilles Laplume (Drums) and Dany Haas (Bass) feeling the urge to create something new shortly after the breakup of their former Band Nemesis. 
So far there were only the two of them to begin with; but after a pretty short period of time they spent searching for further members, they recruited Jerry Dormans as a vocalist. Jerry has gathered experience in his role as a singer for the Band Cry Of Osiris, in which he still takes part.
Finally Christian Keiser (Guitar) joined the team, after having spent several years searching for such an occasion to release his musical creativity.

So in the beginning of 2010, the four whoresmen ^^, having known each other beforehand for quite some time, began gathering in the dark, winterridden north of Luxembourg in order to create what you're probably hearing just now. 

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