Terms and conditions of the band contest

Terms and conditions of the band contest The non-profit association « Association du Chat Noir » registered under: SIRET 537 594 319 at the registered address of 4 Rue de l'Europe, 57480 Sierck-les-Bains, France, is organising a free band conpetition called « Win your live video and your recording studio session » the terms and conditions are as follows:

Article 2: Admission This contest is open to all people of representing themselves and wishing to participate. The artists must be aged under 30, in a group or solo, living in France, Germany or Luxembourg and not be under contract/license to a record company. However, artists fulfilling the following conditions are permitted to participate: self-produced artists, artists under an editing contract, self-produced artists under a distribution contract, artists having signed with local collectivities or associations. Registration under a false-identity, under the name of a third party, with fake information or several different identities automatically cancels the registration.

ARTICLE 3: PARTICIPATION In order to participate in the band contest, you need to go on the following website: www.festivalduchatnoir.com, to click on register and to send an email including the following information. Name of group: Description of group: Country (Germany, France, Luxembourg) Style of music: Photo: (max. 2 Mo as attachment) MP3 file (5 Mo max. as attachment) which the voters can listen to Website link: Other links (Facebook, Myspace, Youtube.....), acceptance of terms and conditions. After checking and validating the registration form, the associa will integrate the information into the virtual band contest.

The candidate guarantees to be in complete possession of the rights to the files put on line. The candidate guarantees the same rights to perfom in the festival, to use names, brands, recordings, photos, files, publications etc...used for the band contest.

Minors must have a document signed by the legal guardians/parents allowing them to participate in the contest. All minors will be under the responsability of the aforementioned guardian, be it on the website or on stage, and for the total duration of the contest.

ARTICLE 4: EXCLUSION All styles of music are accepted. The videos must show the music of the participants and not show any specific background (brand, distinctive signs, logos etc...) no vehicle number plates or other personal details that could permit unauthorised identification of an individual. The video must not violate the current laws and regulations, portray scenes that could upset children, public order, moral standards, rights to ones own opinions. It must respect human dignity, privacy and not infringe on an individual's right of image or property. Videos with swearing, diffamatory or racist remarks, encouraging people to commit crimes or violent acts, or encouraging minors to drink alcohol, take illegal substances will be refused and the Association will decide to not show the video on-line.

ARTICLE 5: TIMETABLE AND SELECTION OF THE WINNER The registration of groups will start on 2nd February 2012. From 2nd March to 2nd May 2012 the internet users can vote on the site: www.festivalduchatnoir.com for the artist of their choice. The voter only has one vote per email address given. The internet user will click on the button « I vote for ....., fill out the voting form, give his/her email address. An email will be sent to the email address and in order to confirm the vote, the voter will have to go on the link given in the email.

Any voter attempting to falsify or hinder the contest, notably the voting procedure, will have his vote immediately cancelled. The three participants with the most votes online plus a group selected by the Chat Noir Association commitee, will qualify for the next round of the « Win your live ». The winners will be announced on the website: www.festivalduchatnoir.com

The four winning bands will be invited to appear on stage of the Black Cat Festival held on 26 May 2012, in Sierck les Bains. A video of their performance will be given to them.

After the performances of the 4 bands on stage at the Black Cat Festival, an ultimate winner will be selected on the following criteria: The audience casts a paper vote which counts for 50% of the mark. The jury designated by the Black Cat Association, cast their vote which also counts for 50%. After the voting session, the ultimate winner will be given the opportunity to appear on the stage of a Luxembourgish event, chosen by the Youth National Service of Luxembourg and will benefit from a « studio recording session »

The Black Association cannot be held liable for any technical hitches affecting the running of the contest, or any major problem or accident beyond their control.

The Black Cat association cannot be held responsible for momentary or continual technical problems resulting in the internet user or candidate being unable to vote or register on the site used for the contest. The black cat Association cannot be held responsible for possible misuse whether it be involuntary or voluntary.


The participant accepts that the video sent to the Association will be used and be visible on the website: . www.festivalduchatnoir.com. The participant accepts that the association will use the video to publicise the event and it will be freely accessible to all users of the website for the contest. The participant accepts that his/her video will be checked and could be deleted if judged unsuitable for the contest according to the terms and conditions.

The participant accepts that his/her video can be used on all the partner websites of the Black Cat Association, and accepts free of charge that the organiser can use all elements of the video: name, photo, pseudonym etc.

This transfer of rights to the totality of elements composing the music video is allowed for all forms of publicity of the contest « win your live video and your recording session ».

This transfer of rights permits the organiser to publish the file for downloading or listening to (part of the file or its totality), or transferring to the partner websites of the organiser.

This transfer of rights is valid world-wide without exception from the moment of putting on line and for 18 months. The participant declares and guarantees that his/her composition and all other elements put on line are new and original. He /she declares to be sole owner, and commits to proving that it is original, in case of claims to the contrary.

ARTICLE 7: ACCESS RIGHTS AND CORRECTION In accordance to article 27 of law n° 78-17 of 6th January 1978 on Data Protection Act, relating to information technology, files and access. Every invidual participating in the contest benefits from a right to access, correction, and deletion of all files and data about the aforementioned individual. These rights are accessible on written request to the organiser mentioned in article 1. All data collected for the contest are solely accessible to the organiser and will not be sold or communicated to third parties. Any individual requesting their data to be deleted, understands that in doing so they are in fact withdrawing from the contest.

ARTICLE 12: CANCELLATION OF THE CONTEST- MODIFICATIONS TO CONDITIONS The Black Cat Association reserves the right to prolong, adjourn, shorten or cancel the contest if the circumstances necessitate it, without having its responsability put into question. The Black Cat Association can modify the articles of the terms and conditions at any moment, depending on changes to regulations, laws and in the interest of The Black Cat Association.

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